Case Studies

The Willow School

Gladstone, New Jersey

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Playa Viva

Julochuca, Mexico

Brattleboro Coop

Brattleboro, Vermont

New York City

High Performance Building Guidelines & Implementation

SE False Creek Olympic Village

Vancouver, British Columbia

Seventh Generation

Burlington, Vermont

Effective Organizations don’t simply buy their LEED™, green and sustainable projects – they use a different approach to design and manage them.

Value of our Work: Integrative Design is how these organizations and design teams:

  • Save money and time on LEED™, green, sustainable, and regenerative projects
  • Improve environmental performance and ecological health
  • Reduce risk
  • Improve community relations
  • Improve organization and community culture, raise morale, and sustain sustainability

Our Value to You: We coach, design, and manage the processes to achieve cost effective, deeply sustainable, and regenerative solutions in:

  • Green Building Process Design
  • Regenerative Land-use Planning
  • Green Building Portfolios – Design, Construction, and Operations
  • Sustainability Programs along with Organizational Development

How we do it: Counter intuitively, by pushing through the cost barrier and looking at the whole solution – cultural, environmental, and technical as a whole interdependent system.

Fragmenting solutions into checklists and piecemeal ideas is the sure way to spend more money and lower the effectiveness of solutions.

We are experts at integrative systems design, management processes, and cultural change guidance that are the only real way to achieve true sustainability across your entire enterprise.

Successful projects over the world have sought our assistance in bringing their projects and processes to the highest level of performance across every sustainability metric --- and beyond, into regenerating the health of our ecological systems.

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Keynote Address - Regenerative Developpment and Design
Pittsburgh's Green Building Alliance. Green, Healthy Schools Conference,held at Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

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