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 IDC's Collaborative Partners

Dear Bill,
Each time I am with you when you are either leading a meeting or are a participant in a discussion, I come away invigorated with ideas I have never thought of or preparations for new actions I had never dared to try. I find you an extraordinary facilitator at meetings: you are organized, prepare the work with a clear focus that you stick to, and clarify closure as well as next steps. In addition, you prod and question, but you don’t take over the proceedings: you don’t press your own agenda beyond the questions with which you challenge us.
At any rate, I see you as having built The Willow School with an underpinning of sound principles that far outreach a LEED certification and a matter-of-fact commitment to sustainability. You are an architect in the grandest sense, building constructs that I can see in the design of the schoolhouse and in the system of thinking that, at least for me, has changed the scope of what I am capable of envisioning. I look forward, as always, to being with you at our next meeting here at the school.

Head of School

Regenesis Group
(Land and Community Regeneration)
(Restoration Science & Design)
(Organizational Consciousness & Development –
Businesses and Organizations)
Living Education
(Holistic Education Development)
Natural Systems Int'l, LLC
(Natural Water and Waste System Design)
Natural Logic
(Sustainable Business Consulting)
Seven Group
(Green Building Consulting – systems integration)
James Carr
(Green Building Consulting – systems integration)