Green Projects and Consulting

Environmental Knowledge Base

Environmental Knowledge Base.   One of the expert review consultants for the second version of this interactive green strategy tool funded by DOE, CREST, Environmental Building News and NYSERDA. 2000

British Columbia Building Corporation

Consultant to the British Columbia Building Corporation, Victoria, BC to advise this Crown Corporation and present the process of integrated design to Project Managers. 1999-2000

Environmental Knowledge Base

Environmental Knowledge Base.  Consultant.  This is a systems approach analyzing the multitude of issues of environmental design through whole systems analysis.

New York City

New York City, Dept. of Design and Construction, 1998-1999

High Performance Building Guidelines for New York City

Consultant through a Senior Fellowship from the Design Trust for Public Space for the development of High Performance Building Guidelines for New York City

US Green Building Council and the Department of Energy

LEED Green Building Rating System implementation.  Consultant to the US Green Building Council and the Department of Energy for the evaluation and development of the business plan, the marketing plan and the training process.

Husky Injection Molding

Consultant to Husky Injection Molding, Toronto, Ontario. Hired by this billion dollar corporation in 1997 to perform an overall environmental audit, education and recommendations for reducing Husky’s environmental footprint throughout the world. Resulted in the potential of $25 million in net present value savings. Production-process, green building, and site sustainability issues were considered.

Passive Solar Industries Council

Consultant to the Passive Solar Industries Council and US Navy Facilities Engineering Command.  Condensing the Navy’s energy and environmental guidelines into a “Whole Systems Building Design Guideline.”

National Wildlife Federation

National Wildlife Federation, Vienna, Virginia. July 1997. Organized their first “Community Habitat Forum.”

International Children’s Care

International Children’s Care.  Master planning, building design and energy consulting for two orphanage communities in the Dominican Republic and Baja, Mexico