Green Projects and Consulting

Trans Gas Energy Facility

Trans Gas Energy Facility, Brooklyn, NY, Green design and urban agriculture “skin” on a 1,500 MW combined cycle facility, 2002-2003


PG&E National Energy Group’s Athens NY Power Plant, Green Design and Process Consulting, March 2001


AES, Londonderry, NH. Design Consultant and Program Manager with Michael Singer, Inc to ‘green’ a new 720 MW co-generation power plant, help it reduce costs and develop synergies for the new Eco-Industrial Park where it is to be located. $3,000,000 in net present savings realized by demonstrating the effectiveness of natural water treatment technologies for the generation process. 1999-2000

Husky Injection Molding

Husky Injection Molding.  Invited competition for an environmental approach to the development of 4,000,000 sf of manufacturing and office space in Milton, Vermont