Using Open-Ended Questions

Your explanations of understanding the greater systems at work are critical. With your talk in mind, many of the other seminars ended up feeling superfluous."

- Wiliam R. Spurzem -

The best way to engage a client is through a series of open-ended questions. Our added value is when there is interest in exploring the following three questions in the design process. The greatest advances in ecological design occur through the exploration of these questions.

  1. What do we value?

    What is the core value behind every building project? What is the underlying purpose for this project? Why are we really building?

  2. How far do we extend ourselves to realize that value?

    How many changes, from conventional practice, are we willing and able to make to achieve long term health?

  3. How do we realize these changes in the design process?

    How do we do it? - affordably? What changes are necessary to move from a conventional to a Whole System Integration Design?