Practice/Process Steps: Integrative Design/Construction Process

 Practice/Process Steps: Integrative Design/Construction Process

Hello Bill,

Your presentations were definitely the high point of the sessions I attended at West Coast Green. I spent the entire day in your sessions. I'm a true fan.

Please send the slides/info. that you said you would if we requested them. I am already changing the way I work with clients based on your experience and information. THANK YOU!

- Amanda Thompson -

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Some Points to Consider on Regeneration

  1. Experiencing Whole Systems

  2. Sustaining Sustainability


Practice/Process Steps

Using the following methods, we work with stakeholders to develop an understanding of how buildings, habitat, and people can contribute to ‘the health of the whole’ over time. The objective is to align human activity with the nature of Place – the process asks how we can be participants with the Place – not limiting ourselves by assuming we can only do something to the Place.


  1. Setting the Stage – understanding and aligning human aspirations of a project

  2. Learning about the Place

  3. Frame/sketch/outline the story of Place

  4. Marrying story of Place with aspirations for future

  5. Identify indicators

  6. Integrative Design/Construction Process

    All the design work should support the establishment of the health of the whole as well as other non-conflicting or at a minimum, neutral to the system, objectives. The process of optimizing each system and part in relation to the whole requires more than a few iterations of thinking. Since we work within the framework of time – a linear process – we need to approximate the simultaneity of the whole by rapid iteration of ideas.

  7. Ongoing Feedback