Services Offered by IDC

 Services Offered by IDC

Dear Bill,
I want to thank you the absolutely compelling presentation you gave at our program Wednesday evening. The feedback has been incredible. You presented a new framework for understanding sustainability, at the same time demystifying the whole subject.
Last night the School Board directed their architects to begin planning for a kick-off charrette to initiate the LEED planning process! I am convinced that if you had not come down here and presented such a powerful case, that would never have happened.

- Alexandrians for a Green TC -

The Integrative Design Collaborative is a consortium of advanced practitioners who serve as resources, coaches, and program managers to help project teams achieve increasingly higher levels of environmentally responsible design – from Green to Sustainability to Regeneration

We assist clients and design teams to achieve cost effective green to whole system design in complex projects. These range from master plans and buildings to regions, watersheds, and communities.

We promote understanding of the benefits of human activity in healthy participation with natural systems by structuring the design process to achieve affordable and deeply effective ecological systems design.

It's all about applying systems thinking to address the whole system – not just the pieces. It's just good design.

We work with Owners, Facilities Managers, Architects, Engineers, Landscape Architects, System Ecologists, and Builders.

Project types: from the largest to the smallest projects – our focus is advancing our client’s design and management process from current practice to higher levels of environmental stewardship.


  1. Project Coaching

    For LEED® Green Building Rating System levels and higher*

  2. Process Management

    We work with the design team to ‘design the design process’ to achieve affordable green design

  3. Project and Program Management

    We function as the Owner’s representative to hire the design team and manage the design process to achieve highly effective sustainable design - cost and environmentally effective

  4. Advisory and Consulting Services

    For Corporate or Firm Management and Design Process training

  5. Training

    Workshops and presentations

*The ‘levels of green’ are listed in the Design Gradient to illustrate the practice of advancing sustainable design to higher orders of effectiveness.